Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Trip to Utah, Wyoming, Idaho and Montana!

Friday, March 6th to Sunday, March 15th: Keven and I went to Utah to spend time with Keven's family. We got to Utah Friday afternoon and headed to my friend Amy's salon to get my had done. I put this first picture up to see my hair how it was before.... And here is the AFTER!!! (disregard the hair dye on my neck!) :) It's dark brown and has red highlights in it. For those of you that know me... I love changing my hair...and luckily Keven loves when I change it too! :)
After we were done getting my hair done, we drove to Wyoming to see my sister Jamie and her family. We were so happy to see them and we stayed the night! It was so much fun to hang out with the kids and stay up late talking to my sister and Chad.

Saturday, Keven's cousin Tyson got married in the Salt Lake temple to Dani. We went to the luncheon that afternoon. We wish we could've stayed with the family a little longer, but we were excited to see them for the time we did. Plus, it was Jaeger's birthday on the 9th, so it was fun to spend some time celebrating his birthday a little early!

After the luncheon we went to Roosevelt for the reception and then went home to Keven's parents house in Roosevelt. We got there Saturday and had so much fun relaxing with the family. We got to help Keven's parents out around the house and Keven mowed the lawn and Kiley joined him. We painted the deck and Kev tilled the lot. We are glad we got to help!
Keven is the oldest of the Todd kids. He has two brothers and 2 sisters; Kiley is 9 and his sister Caressa would have been 21 but was still born. I had never been to her grave and wanted to see where she was born. Keven's ancestor bought a lot for all of his relatives to be buried. This is where Caressa was buried and we got to take a walk to see the tombstones of all those that have passed including his Uncle Nathan that had down syndrome. Keven really helped take care of Nathan. It was so special to see his ancestors and to see that families truly can be together forever. I'm so grateful for that knowledge!
After visiting the cemetary, we went to visit Grandma and Grandpa Todd. They are so sweet and special to us. We have so much fun when we visit them in Bluebell!
That night, Carla (my mother in law) had a special production for the relief society birthday bash. She was the director of the 10 Virgins play. They practiced for over 3 months and they all did such a good job. I was so happy that I was able to see it!Wednesday, Keven and I went golfing at the golf course across the street from where they live. Thursday, we went to the Vernal temple with Carla. It was so nice to be in the temple; it was such a beautiful day!

After the temple, Keven, Bruce (my father in law) and myself went golfing again. I had SO much fun! I learned so much and have a feeling that golfing is going to be a new sport that I will love! :) Keven and Bruce are so good, so it was nice that they taught me some techniques! Thanks guys!
That night, we went to Kiley's play. The city had a play that they were working on for a really long time. It was Bye Bye Birdie and it was really good. Kiley was one of the girls that loved Conrad. She did really good! She had to put on make up so we could see her from the stage. It was crazy to see her with it on!! We want her to stay little! :) Good job Kiley! You were great!
Friday morning, we headed up to Island Park, ID (near Yellowstone) to enjoy the weekend at Keven's Uncle (Mike) cabin. We stopped by Salt Lake to pick up Dana and Bryan and took the drive up to Idaho. It was so awesome up there!! It had snowed 2 feet in one day previously and was still snowing. Friday night, we went to West Yellowstone (in Montana) and enjoyed a nature movie and then some pizza! It was such a fun night!Here we are in the cabin...
Friday night, we played card games the whole night and then we were dancing and doing the dance from Austin Powers. It was pretty funny and very hard to hold him up!
Saturday morning we were so excited! The whole reason we were going up there was for that day...to go SNOWMOBILING!! We had so much fun! I had never been before! Here's the cabin. Keven was excited and jumped off the balcony to the huge pile of snow. It was hard of course, but he still had fun! :)
Here's the view from one of the peaks. It was amazing! There were times that the snowmobiles tipped over (except for mine and Keven's) and they would get stuck. That was a lot of fun to get out!! We were in snow up to our waistes trying to get the snowmobiles out!!Here we are...it was such a beautiful day! We were never cold!
Here's my love riding Bruce's snowmobile. His was a one seater and Keven and I got a two seater. Bruce's snowmobile went SO fast!! It was a blast!

Here we are...minus Stephanie (Keven's aunt hurt her knee in the beginning of the day) and Uncle Mike, who was taking the picture. There were 13 of us.
When the day was almost over we passed a river that had a Moose and her baby. It was so cool. Of course we had to stop for awhile to take pics!
The final spot we went to was by the cabin. It was actually a golf course (in the summer of course). We would all line up and race. It was so much fun! The mountains we are pointing to is where we were earlier that morning. Here we are right outside the cabin before we left Sunday. It was so much fun and we hope to make it a tradition! Thanks Uncle Mike for letting us enjoy the cabin with you!!


Lisa said...

What a fun trip! Your hair looks beautiful!

Whit said...

And you didn't come visit us??? You don't even love me anymore! Hahaha, it looks like you had so so much fun. We miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you stayed for a night. The kids (and us) love and miss you. I am glad you had a fun trip. Your hair looks great!

The Ward Family said...

Love the hair Jess! You always look so good. Looks like a fun week! It always goes by too fast. Glad you guys got to go.

Julia Holmes said...

I like your hair! Looks like you guys had so much fun!!!

Josh and Kaleena said...

I agree with Whit! I'm pretty sure that driving from Salt Lake to Idaho you passed right by Logan! You make enough trips to Utah, that you could make one to visit your good ol' pals! JK! I'm glad you had fun! Cute hair!

Lisa and Mark said...

i was actually just thinking how i need to be more brave and change up my hair. maybe i'll chop a few inches. i like your short hair.

Sundbergs said...

fun. WE were in Utah, but I didn't get to do snow. YOur hair looks cute too

Ashley Jones said...

You guys are so cute and have the best time together!!! You always go on the craziest and most fun trips!!! I can't wait to do these things with my husband!!!!

Hope said...

I'm glad Kaleena forgives you, but I sure don't you punk rocker! Thanks for calling us. I think we were in Island Park that same weekend as you because it snowed all weekend and the powder was AWESOME! That's what you get for not calling me. Missing out on seeing Macie, since you've never seen her! WHAT'S THAT ALL ABOUT! When are we going to see you again? You look gorgeous! :)