Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hanging with the Boys!

Saturday, March 21st my brother Jason and sister in law Rachel were going on a date with a group of people from my brother's work. My brother called me the week before asking if we could watch them since they were going to be in Irvine. We, of course, were so excited! We have told my siblings that we would love to have the kids come over and have a slumber party. One day we want to have all the neices and nephews spend the night and just have a fun party! So Saturday Aiden (3) and Tyler (2) came over and the adventure begun! :) The boys loved going out on our balconey. I love this picture of Keven and the boys just enjoying the scenery...and the tennis courts. We just hung out for a little bit and Keven and the boys made some orange juice.

We then had to run some errands, but then we decided to take the kids to the beach. There is a dog beach near Huntington Beach so we thought the kids would love that. It was such a nice day and the water was actually really warm! We rolled up our pants and would just run to the water and run away from it. The kids would scream and Keven would yell "RUN!" It was so much fun! :)

This was seriously the funniest thing ever! Okay, that may be mean, but Ty was laughing so we could laugh! :) When we got to the dog beach, there were all kinds. Big dogs, small dogs, shy dogs and crazy hyper dogs. Well the crazy hyper dog was so cute and just wanted to play. He would chase all these dogs around and just wanted attention. Well when the boys were running back and forth that crazy dog got all excited and took Ty out! I wish I got it totally on video, but I did get something! In the video I was trying to get Ty's attention to run away, but then he got knocked out by the dog! ha! Oh and then later on, when Ty would run to the water, he ate it face first in the water. So then, we had to call it a day at the beach. Oh man, it was so funny! :) If you listen closely you can hear Ty screaming in his man voice! ha! he has the cutest deepest voice for being a little boy!

After we went back home to get cleaned up, there was an ice cream social for our ward. We took the kids and the ice cream was wonderful!

We had to stop by the grocery store for Sunday breakfast. Keven found this cart so the boys had a blast in it. Ty kept getting out and getting back in so we finally just put him in a spot where he couldn't get out! :) He kept trying to "help" and would put everything into the cart! ha!
The boys had a good night sleep. Ty woke up every now and then, but quickly went back to bed and then woke up at 9am. We went to church, came back and ate and watched a movie, and then went to my mom and dad's to drop off the kids. My parents had us over for dinner. It was such a fun weekend! We were so happy that we were able to spend time with Aiden and Tyler! Thanks Rachel and Jason for letting the boys spend the night!!


Sheryl said...

You are totally awesome in the aunti and uncle dept.! Tell those Kirks to just keep em coming. I am sure they will return the favor when we see some little Todd's enter the world!!

Izzieguire said...

What a cool aunty you are Jess!! Very proud of you! :)

Mari-eggo said...

looks like you guys are ready to have kids! : ) but for now being a aunt and uncle is best!

Dana and Bryan Todd said...

oh you didnt get Ty eating it, haha, poor guy.

The Ward Family said...

That was hilarious!! You guys are a great aunt and uncles to your nieces and nephews! I'm sure Jason and Rachel appreciated it also.