Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Friday, August 15th we flew to Utah to spend the last week with Trevor Todd, Keven's younger brother before he left for his mission. It was definately a bitter sweet moment. I don't think it really hit us (at least me and Kev) until we left on the 24th of August for Salt Lake, stayed with Bryan and Dana Sunday night and flew out Monday morning. The last goodbye was very touching and it really hit me of his calling as a missionary. What a blessing he is to our family! We are so grateful to have him in our life. He leaves for the MTC in Provo tomorrow (August 27th) and will be there for 3 months to learn the Japanese language. In November, he will fly out to Sapporro Japan to serve the people there. Just seeing him this last week made me so proud to be his sister in law. He is such an amazing man and will be such a great missionary. He spoke the two Sundays we were there. The first time he spoke in the singles ward and the second time was his farewell. He did so good. Keven and I couldn't stop talking about how good it was! He will definately be such a blessing and inspiration to all those people in Japan..he is to us! We love you Trev and are so proud of you!
Throughout the week, we did so much! I've included just a few pictures of our fun activities! We lucked out with great weather and even got some sweet tans! :) There was a new rec center built in Vernal, UT which is the town near Roosevelt. We went there Saturday, August 16th with Keven's college friend Steve and his wife Megan and the family. They had a rock climbing wall and of course we brought our gear!Kiley even rock climbed! She's got some guts!Here's my love jumping from rock to rock. He looked like he was having fun!This was hilarious! Steve was repelling down and his harnest got stuck on the wall. HA! He needed help down but we couldn't do anything becAuse he was at the top. He was hanging for awhile and kept saying, "ah! I'm stuck!" Thanks for a good laugh Steve!

This is a must when going home to Utah! (Well it's a must in California too!) Gotta love the basketball games!

August 18th, Monday night we headed out to Salt Lake City. We stayed at the Residence Inn (thanks Amy again for hooking us up!) Bryan and Dana were flying back Tuesday, August 19th from their vacation so we hooked up with them when they got in. I...CUT MY HAIR and DYED it again! Amy is the bomb.com and I love my hair (and of course the price) :) You rock my world Amy! It was great visiting with you!

After picking up some items for Trev on Tuesday and trying to sell Keven's car in Utah (which we sold it! yay!) we went to Cafe Rio (oh yes we did!) Then we went BOWLING! I love bowling! It was the "siblings" vs. me, Dana and mom and daddy-o. It was a whole lotta fun and we won't bring up who won the tournament! :)Nice form Kev! I think the pointed curved toe really emphasized the strike! ha! (it really did!)Here's the gang!Wednesday, August 20th: We went to the Lagoon! It was a ton of fun! We rode some roller coasters and we all had to take motion sickness pills so we wouldn't throw up! ha..we are definately getting older! we don't like the repetitive circles...we prefer the loopty loops! After the roller coaster, we went to Lagoon A Beach and went to the water park! It was so much fun! I didn't really have pictures of that..but you can imagine...just think slides, water, tubes, and fun!This is my gangsta daddy-0 in law! We shall call him "crookid lipp"...sounds pretty gangster to me. This one was a "loopty" roller coaster...we like!We left Wednesday night for Roosevelt and Thursday, August 21st we went paintballing. It was so sick tight! Trev got me everytime and I think it's because he was still bitter from me getting him two years ago really bad. I used him as a shield..but then he got bigger and he worked me. He was pretty tricky and would get my mask covered with paint and then nail me when I couldn't see! My middle finger swelled, I have a sweet bruise/welt on my thigh and on my forearm. My love on the other hand was like a G.I Joe and would play sneeky deeky and hold a stake out for quite some time. I think he ended up getting tagged as the last one, but it's only because he was 1 against 3! I was very proud of my gangsta soldier!

Here's us after a day of fun! Yes, I think my bright yellow shirt had "hit me! hit me!" written all over it!

Right before we were going out.
Friday August 22nd: we went golfing! Keven's parents live right across from a golf course and I love it there! It's so beautiful! I had so much fun...it was my second time going and I suck...but I suck very well thank you very much! I had a couple good hits in there! Of course, Keven is way good...it's Kev, what did you expect?! He's good at EVERYTHING!
Saturday, August 23rd: We ended with a bangity bang! Oh man, Keven and I are sold on our next big purchase. Yes, a wakeboarding boat! Saturday morning we woke up at the crack of dawn (well, I guess me and Carla did) and the others came later...but in order to go boating, we had to do the yard work for Sunday's luncheon. So since we were leaving somewhat early to go to bottle hollow (the lake like 20 minutes away) we cleaned it up and made it all nice and purty for Sunday. The wonderful Hussey's took us out on their boat and we were their all Saturday. I have only been wakeboarding twice and Kev only had been once, but I would say we learned a lot...hey we got up every time! It was so ridiculously fun! Here's some shots of us on the boat. There was no one there for some reason! Thanks again Ray, Nancy and Mitch for sharing the boat with us! We really had so much fun!

This is a sweet picture that wasn't planned! :)

Look at the beautiful water! It was so perfect! One day we'll get one..don't worry Kev! :)

Sunday was the farewell. Trev asked if I would sing his favorite hymn, "Be still my soul" as the musical number. I was very honored, but that was the first time I was that nervous...I think because all of the family was there and my throat was really soar from boating the day before. We watched childhood movies of Kev and the family. It has become "inside jokes" from some of those movies. They are so great! All in all, this was a great vacation. We were going to go to Hawaii the week before which would mean we wouldn't be able to be gone that long from work, but it definately worked out for the best by spending that much time with Trev and the family. We are so grateful for them and love them so much. Although they are in Utah and we live in California, I really feel so close to them. We try to see them every other month and so far so good! They are the best in laws ever!


Sheryl said...

Wow girl you have had one terrific summer of family and fun! It is truly wonderful having a missionary in the family, especially when you can feel of their great spirit before they go, just knowing how it will be magnified and amazing as they go and serve the Lord.

Your mom says your apartment is adorable and coming along great. Good job cutie! Cathy Leonti says hi!

Jill Duncan said...

What a fun vacation! I just love your hair- it looks great on you!!!!

Lisa said...

Wow! You are a blond now! It looks so cute - and it makes you look a lot more like your sisters. I just thought the other day, "Weren't Keven and Jessica supposed to be out here right now?" But I can see how BUSY (and FUN) your visit was, so it's no wonder we didn't hear from you. Anyway, we want to come visit you in October or maybe November if that's okay? What do you think?

Josh and Kaleena said...

Looks like you had tons of fun! And your hair looks so cute! I can't believe you're blonde!!!!!

Lindsey Whiting said...

I love your hair even shorter, super cute! It was fun to see pix of Keven's family and of Utah. You guys are able to spend so much time with family, what a blessing!

Sundbergs said...

That sounds like such a fun trip. I am jelous you got to go wakeboarding. Your hair looks adoreable. Hot girl.

The Ward Family said...

Your hair looks great! Cant wait to see it in person. Vacations always go by too fast. Didn't know u went wakeboarding/ Lucky!

Lindsey Whiting said...

Ohhh, I like the way you think...I just got your comment about the plan. e-mail me at lindswhiting@gmail.com so I have your e-mail that keven doesn't read.

Amy! said...

What a fun vacay you "sex kitten" you!! LOL.. That is hilarious :) So fun to see you.. Glad you like your hair! Your apartment is so cute.. LOVE that your table is outside.. I think I need to come eat on it... BAHAHAHAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!