Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Orange County Fair 7/19/08

Oh this is so much fun! We are back! Hooray! It makes it even better because we are blogging in our own place with our new computer. Holla! :) I will update pictures of our place, but I wanted to post some of what happened last weekend. Jenn and James came down to Costa Mesa last Saturday and we went to the Orange County Fair. What made this even more exciting is that it is a couple blocks away so we didn't have to travel forever away! Keven or I have never been and James and Jenn kept talking about how yummy the food was so we were pretty excited. Jocelynn was grubbing on some mashed potatoes before, as you can see on her upper lip of the below picture. She is always the cutest thing ever! We tasted all different kinds of food. The chilli cheese fries were bomb, the corn (oh yum), the corn dog (off the hook), the funnel cake (oh yes!) and can't forget the deep fried EVERYTHING. (James got the twinkie)
Keven was talking about cotton candy the whole night so he was like a little kid when he got it!
This is when we were leaving. We stopped to watch the last part of the show. They were crazy! The bottom guy was carrying all those people! Here's the three girls. (obviously..ha!)
Keven and James struttin their stuff.
This was right when we got to the fair. (I know it's out of order but oh well!) We were laughing so hard because...well let's just say James was jealous of the "clean up" lady. I think she almost got knocked out by trying to catch the droppings! :)

This is an elephant and that is not a water hose behind him.
My love and I with the most beautiful rocks in the back. We got three that go perfectly in our house!
The yummy corn dogs. What's up with Kev's face?! ha, he really liked them! Check out Jocelynn staring at Jenn's dog and James with his cheese dog.
I think I had a little too much fun with these things!
After the fair, Jenn and I walked home. It was a nice night and Jocelynn was so comfortable in the stroller that we couldn't move her. She ended up falling asleep and we went back to our place and watched "Bucket List." Jocelynn was in her little "crib" in her room and Jenn was struggling to keep her eyes open. ha! All in all it was a really fun weekend and we are so grateful Jenn and James drove to China and back to see us! (It's really not that far!) So the moral of the story is....the orange county fair is a blast and since it's so close to our place, we would love for you to stop by and say hi!


Jill Duncan said...

Fun, Fun, Fun,!!! We are going to go to the fair soon, I will have to let you know when so we can stop by and see your place and hang out for a bit!

- I tagged you on my blog

Lisa and Mark said...

I love the fair!!! Glad you guys had fun! Hope you're enjoying a sunny summer while I freeze. (Yes, that is an invitation to feel bad for me.) :)

The Ward Family said...

We did have a great time. We always do! The elephant was the best and Jocelynn on the ground :)

Heidi said...

hey jessica! Just found you through Jenny Lee's blog! Looks like you are enjoying your married life! It is the best!

Chrissie said...

I have not been to the Orange County Fair in a long time. It looks like a blast! Wasn't Bucket List such a good flick?

Collin & Hilary said...

How fun! Looks like a ton of fun! Glad things are going well!