Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I finally had my first tag and it’s something I absolutely LOVE reminiscing about! HIGH SCHOOL! Santiago High School: Class of 2003!

1. If you could tell your teenage self something, what would it be?

You are cool! :) I would also tell myself to study the gospel a little bit more and teach more people. Trust the prophet when he says to be modest, no matter how hot it gets! Told you people would respect you if they know your standards!

2. Did you do any extracurricular activities during high school?

I was a cheerleader for all 4 years of high school. I was the ASB vice president my senior year, on the American Cancer Society, was a peer counselor and on National Honors Society and the Men’s Varsity Volleyball stat girl for my Junior and senior year. Oh and you can’t forget about 6:20 am seminary!

3. What did you do in your free time?

The beach of course! Before we could drive, Chelsea’s parents would take the motor home down to Huntington and us and a couple of our friends would go down there and have a huge bon fire. When we got older and could drive, we would go down to the beach 1-2 times a week since we had early dismissal. I hung out with my friends and went to all the sporting events to cheer them on. Oh and I made cookies for the whole varsity football team every Friday to wish them good luck during my junior and senior year.

4. Coolest thing you did in High School?

We had so much fun in high school… I can’t even begin! I don’t think I would change a thing. I have way too many memories to count…like when I was practicing my back handsprings and ate it in front of the PE class. I had grass in my teeth for days! Ha! Or when I was nominated by the football team to be homecoming queen… I didn’t get queen but I was 1 of the 3 other princesses in our whole class! Spirit weeks were always my absolute favorite! I loved dressing up like a grandma or super hero! Oh and I sung the national anthem at the CIF Volleyball tournament! Talk about sweaty palms!

5. Did you have a boyfriend in High School?

I dated a lot of boys and was “with” boys, but my first boyfriend was the end of my senior year. So yes, I did have a boyfriend and he was a nice boy.

6. Songs that come to mind...

That one song by Lifehouse that we would blast going down Main Street in Huntington….
Any sublime songs
Jack Johnson “flake”
Kotton mouth Kings
Bone Thugs and Notorious BIG “ARMED AND DANGEROUS”
Mariah Carey “always be my baby”
SheDaisey (listening to that whole CD the whole way down to Mexico!)
Oh man…now I’m feeling the memories!!

7. If you could change one thing what would it be?

I can’t change anything…just learn from it…

8. What did you think you'd be when you grew up?

College graduate and a mom. Before that, I did want to be a model, a singer, a back up dancer, sports anchorwoman…but you can’t really be a mom with all those things and I want to be a stay at home mom!

9. Craziest thing you did in High School?

HA! Just one?! Oh man, I’m “crazy jess” does that tell you my crazy ways? One that comes to mind…When we had spirit week and the seniors wore blue, I wore EVERY single blue thing I owned…from head to toe…and layered about 15 times (not exaggerating either!) My hair, makeup, lips, nails, and eye lashes were even blue. Not to mention my blue sucker that turned my tongue blue. :)

I absolutely loved high school! I definitely lived it to the fullest and had the best time ever. I tried to not let little things get in the way of my happiness and had the most fun getting to know different groups at our huge school! I am very fortunate to still have wonderful friends that helped me to stay strong. Good friends are the best!

I tag...Jenn, Jamie, Rachel, Katrina, Amy, Hope, Jill, April and Dana…YOU ARE IT!


Collin & Hilary said...

Hey howz it going! I havent seen you in so long! you look great and super happy. Im working as a legal assistant where we live in rexburg Idaho. Collin is still here but leaves for training. He will be gone for 4 months. TOO LONG! so what have you guys been up to?

Lisa said...

So, you're saying our high school experiences were pretty much exactly the same....


This was fun to read and get to know you better. I remember seeing pictures of some of these things in your scrapbook. And you were just as crazy and spirited in college, too. I love my Crazy Jess!

Chrissie said...

Hi from a fellow "shark" of 2003! Good to see you, Jessica! This brought back a lot of memories!