Sunday, June 1, 2008

"The heat is on!"

Sorry I've been lagging in this blogging department. Hopefully I will update everything that has been going on in this blog. Well last weekend (memorial weekend) Keven went to Utah to spend time with his family. I wish I could've gone but it was super busy for me that weekend. On Sunday I was speaking in church the first hour, had sharing time in primary with my sunbeams the second hour and gave my lesson for my sweet sunbeams in the third hour. I was exhausted by the time church was over. I was working on my church "projects" the past week so if Kev was home during that he would have probably been bored out of his mind. I think it went pretty good so I was so happy to just relax after it all happened. The next day (Memorial Day) I had work off so I just went to the gym and went shopping (I know, surprising for me to go shopping, but it actually wasn't that bad!) :) Then the family came over for a super BBQ and then I went to go pick up my love from the airport that night. It was so nice to see him! I missed him so much!

On Thursday, it was a pretty special day for my sister Jenn. She had her first catering experience for the 5 teachers retiring at my mom's elementary school. It was the same teachers that were there when I was in elemetary and my siblings. I don't think half of the teachers recognized me but it was neat to see them. My sister catered this event. There were a little over 75 people at this event so it was pretty crazy but very exciting. My mom and myself helped Jenn with whatever preparing or cooking she needed us to do. I was the official "quesadilla cooker" that night. The oven at the place kept smoking over so we had to change directions and pans for that matter. After it got all smokey we tried opening the window but they bolted it shut! It was so hot in the kitchen but then again, "If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!" That was our saying all night. Well, Jenn is a wonderful cook and it was a huge hit! Although somewhat stressful, I think she did a fabulous job and I am excited for this new endeavor in her life. Here are some pictures of the night (obviously we didn't get in action shots because we were too busy.)


Jill Duncan said...

What a nice sister you are to help her like that! Good luck with your new buisness Jenn!!!!

oh and how fun to go back to your elemntary school and see your old teachers!

The Ward Family said...

That was fun! Thanks again.